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Remos is an innovative space company revolutionizing satelite ground operations. Our vision is to help space companies manage their assets cost-efficiently, by replacing bulky hardware with future-proof software and integrations.

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At Remos, we believe in a solution-oriented culture where customer, supplier and employee feedback give us the tools neccessary to improve ourselves and our products. We can take advantage of every new idea and opportunity, and allign our work with customer needs and global trends.


Founded in the north of Sweden

Our products are based on years of research at Luleå University of Technology, and unique insights in the field of satellite communications. The company is a spin-off from a Ph.D. project of the founder, Dr. Moses Browne Mwakyanjala which was jointly hosted by the Swedish Space Corporation and the university. He holds two masters degrees in the field of space communications.

The company COO, Ms. Thilini Wijewarna Arachchi, has over nine years of professional experience in sales and marketing in different industries including the aviation and ERP industries. She holds masters degree, several academic and professional qualifications in international business, marketing and accounting.

Today, Remos is a part of the Arctic Business Incubator and ESA BIC.

About us


2022: We have been recognized as one of the 103 young ideas (entrepreneurs) in Sweden 2022 by Företagarna.

2021: We have been recognised as one of the most promising projects in deep tech to date competing with 4.000+ Applications from 115 countries.

About us
About us

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The solutions from Remos are setting a new standard for space communications. Contact our team if you want to book a meeting or a demo. We are looking forward to hear from you.

About us
About us


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There is much happening at Remos. You can always read our articles to learn more about the company, our work and research.

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