Simplifying Satellite
Ground Operations

Remos delivers virtualized solutions for satellite ground operations. Welcome to the next generation of space communications.

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Comprehensive Solution

Our integrated suite of software simplifies satellite operations, offering everything you need in one place

Seamless Integration

With a REST API for control and a Streaming API for data, our software seamlessly integrates with your existing systems


Designed with a low learning curve, our products are easy to use and master, ensuring efficient operations

Satellite Compatibility

Compatible with various satellites, our software-modem ensures flexibility without vendor lock-in

Flexible Licensing

Choose from term-based or perpetual licensing based on your preference or business/operational needs

Customer Support

Our team is always available to provide technical support to our valued customers when needed.



Baseband Solutions

Whether you are building a small IoT cubesat or sending a probe deep into space, Remos modems can support your satellite mission.
Expedite Specifications
  • Compatible with most cubesat transceivers eg. Gomspace Nanocom AX100 and AX2150, Satlab
  • Automatic Doppler compensation
  • Frequency: 40MHz to 2.5GHz
  • Modulations: BPSK, FSK, GMSK, GFSK, AFSK, ASK, QPSK
  • Data rates: Up to 1 Mbps
expedite modem
Hasten Specifications
  • High-rate TT&C for CCSDS-compliant missions with built-in antenna control & pass scheduler
  • Automatic Doppler compensation
  • Frequency: 40MHz to 2.5GHz
  • Modulations: BPSK, QPSK, oQPSK, PCM/PM, PCM/PSK/PM, GMSK
  • TM Data rates: up to 40 Msps
hasten modem
Cloudwave Specifications
  • Pure software solution
  • Expedite OR Hasten technical specifications
  • VITA49/DIFI Input/Output
  • Available on public-clouds e.g. AWS & Azure
  • Can be licensed for private clouds
cloudwave saas modem
Ground Stations

Complete Ground Stations

Setup & Installation

Our Plug-and-play ground-stations can be integrated with Expedite or Hasten modems to support antenna control and mission scheduling. Includes a parabolic satellite dish.


  • Integrated with Expedite Modem
  • Available in any band config


  • Integrated with Expedite or Hasten
  • Available in any polarization
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Simplifying Satellite Ground Operations

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