The link between
Earth and space

Remos delivers software-defined baseband solutions for satellite ground operations. Welcome to the next generation of space communications.

New Space is a fast growing industry sector, and today, there are more satellite-based applications than ever. But for many companies, the high cost of basebands is prohibitive for their development and upcoming launch. Remos’ vision is to help emerging space companies manage their assets cost-efficiently, by replacing bulky communication hardware with future-proof software and integrations.


Flexible, scalable and cost-efficient

By using standard computers for signal processing, the baseband can be upgraded by software updates and the capacity is increased only by improving computational power. No additional infrastructure is required.

Our story

The idea behind Remos


Remos Space Systems AB was founded on the belief that space assets can be managed more efficiently by using modern technologies. Our solutions are developed in close collaboration with our customers, and together, our team has more than 30 years of experience in signal processing and space communications. Today, Remos is a part of the Arctic Business Incubator and ESA BIC.


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