Virtualized Architecture

Virtualized transceiver brings flexibility and scalability for large ground station networks


Ingest and transmit industry-standard VITA49/DIFI packets OR raw IQ signals

cloudwave sass
Tailored Feature Sets

Flexibility to choose between the Expedite or Hasten feature set for optimal operations

Targets GSaaS Networks

Designed for Ground Station as a Service (GSaaS) and large ground-station network operations


About Cloudwave

Embrace the future of satellite ground communication with CloudWave, our revolutionary fully virtualized ground transceiver. Engineered to meet the evolving needs of modern satellite networks, CloudWave is designed specifically for large ground station networks, including those operating in the dynamic realm of Ground Station as a Service (GSaaS)

At the heart of CloudWave's innovation lies its fully virtualized architecture, eliminating the constraints of traditional hardware and offering unmatched flexibility and scalability. With CloudWave, ground station operators can seamlessly adapt to fluctuating demands, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in any environment.

CloudWave sets the standard for versatility, offering the capability to ingest and transmit VITA49/DIFI packets or raw IQ signals. This compatibility ensures seamless integration with existing ground station infrastructures, simplifying deployment and enhancing interoperability across the network

What truly sets CloudWave apart is its ability to be tailored to meet specific operational requirements. Choose between the Expedite or Hasten feature set to optimize your ground station operations. Whether prioritizing real-time streaming communication or compatibility with CCSDS missions, CloudWave offers the flexibility to adapt to diverse use cases and mission objectives.

Experience the power of CloudWave and unlock new possibilities for your satellite ground communication network. Discover how CloudWave can elevate your GSaaS operations and propel your organization towards success in the ever-evolving satellite communication landscape.