Transponder Compatibility

Compatible with commercial transponders e.g. GomSpace, SatLab, ISIS, and others

Software-Defined Radios

Adaptive Software-Defined Radios compatible with current and future waveforms

expedite modem
Multiple Rotor Compatibility

Rotor control compatible with SPID, Yaesu, M2, RotCtld, Prosistel, and others

Comprehensive Features

Mission booking, scheduling, half-duplex sequencing, and versatile rotor control.

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Rate Up to 1 Mbps
Scrambler Multiplicative (G3RUH), Additive (CCSDS)
Line Codes NRZ-L/M/S & BP (Manchester) - L/M/S
FEC Codes CCSDS Convolutional, Reed-Solomon, Concatenated, LDPC C2, PLOP-1
Packet formats HDLC, AX.25, 4 Universal Attached Sync Maker including CCSDS and GomSpace Mode 5, NOAAAPT
Frequency Bands 40MHz to 2.5GHz
Doppler Correction Automatic or External
TM/TC Simulator
Local TT&C Client
Spectrum Analyzer
Mission booking and tracking
BER/FER Performance Tools
Half -duplex sequencer control
Telemetry data and RF recording
Rotor control (SPID, Yaesu, M2, Prosistel, Custom rotor upon request)
Chassis size 4U
RF Connection SMA Female
Chassis Weight 16 kg
Chassis Dimensions (h/w/d) 177x482x555mm
Operating Temperature 10 to 40C
High-Rate Download
Input IF 950 -2150 MHz
Data Rate Up to 425 Mbps
Modulation and FEC DVB-S2(x)

About Expedite

Introducing Expedite, an advanced CCSDS-compliant transceiver meticulously crafted to excel in high-stakes missions. Engineered for superior performance, this unit boasts unparalleled compatibility with a wide array of commercial transponders, including leading brands such as GomSpace, SatLab, ISIS, and more. Leveraging cutting-edge software-defined radio technology, Expedite stands ready to adapt and evolve, seamlessly integrating with not only current waveforms but also those of the future.

Tailored specifically for burst-mode communications, a necessity for small satellites with limited link budgets, Expedite ensures seamless end-to-end operation. Equipped with a comprehensive suite of software functionalities, including mission booking, scheduling, half-duplex sequencing, and versatile rotor control compatible with an extensive range of solutions such as SPID, Yaesu, M2, RotCtld, Prosistel, and others, this unit is primed for mission success.

For added convenience and efficiency, Expedite can be delivered as a turnkey solution, completed with a sequencer and an antenna. Moreover, to streamline operations, the unit boasts a robust selection of remote access utilities, including a user-friendly GUI, Rest API and sophisticated TCP/IP protocols for seamless real-time data transfer, covering telemetry, commands, antenna angles, and more.

Facilitating further automation, Expedite offers seamless data logging capabilities, allowing mission data to be securely stored in accessible files via FTP or other file transfer mechanisms. With Expedite, elevate your mission capabilities to unprecedented heights.